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Written by Mary Jo Mc Veigh

How many times as a manager have you said, I can’t get this employee to listen, to change, toperform?How many times as a manager do you find yourself scrambling for the words to open up a productive dialogue or to encourage your staff to be proactive in finding a solution? We live and work in a society where social media is becoming more and more prevalent each day, particularly in business. Consequently, our interpersonal skills are decreasing. This communication problem is seeping into the leadership field. YOU do not want to be that manager who is unaware or unskilled in how toconnect with their employees.

In Without Question: The Language of the Mindful Leader, Mary Jo Mc Veigh will guide you through a conversational process that harnesses language to solve many of the problems that face managers who supervise staff. Integrating thirty years of experience, and a depth of wisdom in supervision and mindfulness, Mary Jo Mc Veigh brings you reflections, techniques and strategies to assist you to be a more dynamic and productive leader.

Without Question: The Language of the Mindful Leader, is, without question, a must-have book for every manager. It is an essential guide to a conversational paradigm that will enhance leadership skills and improve staff performance.


Without Question, the Language of the Mindful Leader

SKU: 364215376135191
    • Print Length: 104 pages
    • Publisher: Busybird Publishing (19 July 2015)
    • Language: English
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