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At Cara House, we believe that safety is a basic human right of all children. We therefore operate from a child protection framework where children’s safety is always paramount. Cara House honours our duty as signatory of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and bring a human rights perspective into our daily practice. 

The driving force of Cara is to be part of the many organisations that seek to make Australia a safer, more equitable and loving place for all children/young people to grow and develop.


At Cara House, we strive to share the knowledge and experiences learned over decades to empower organisations across Australia to enrichen the lives of children and young people. We welcome children, adults and professionals into our practice.


Cara House provides a number of training seminars and workshops for individuals, workers and organisations throughout the year.


Cara House provides training and workshops, consultation, supervision and assessment. Our services use a holistic approach which uphold child protection and human rights principals.

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