I Seirbhís an Ghrá  |  In Service of Love

Cara House is a privately run counselling organisation that celebrated it's 20 year anniversary in 2018.  As a centre for resilience and recovery, Cara House welcomes children, families, adults and professionals whose lives have been touched by trauma whether through their own experiences or through their work.


Cara House is a safe place of healing and growth, steeped in a rich tradition of connection and hope. Our foundation for our practices are human rights and child protection principles that are used to support connection, recovery and healing from oppression of abuse, violence and trauma. 

Cara House practices honour the belief that children and young people who have experienced abuse are greater than the sum of the abuse they have been subjected to. They are full of potential and their creative sparks are waiting to be ignited by those who care. 

 Practitioners are aware that trauma is experienced through the senses, body, mind and spirit therefore, journeys to resilience and recovery are personal and are aided by resources, interests, strengths, relationships and community networks. Our highly skilled practitioners are all trauma trained and use a combination of creative and traditional therapies to support clients on their path to healing. Cara House is set in a comfortable cottage-styled house that further supports recovery and relationship.


Cara House was named by Mary-Jo to honour her Irish heritage and it’s ancient way of healing termed ‘Anam Cara.’Tradition holds that an ‘Anam Cara’ was someone to whom you turned to seek guidance, counselling and support. Anam means soul and Cara means friend.

Your Anam Cara attends to all aspects of your being when you seek counsel with them - physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. This is a true integration of clinical training and the wisdom from Irish spiritual-cultural heritage…

and so Cara House was named. 


1 Davidson Avenue, Concord NSW 2137, Australia

(02) 8765 0261


ABN: 70 105 057 047