Gather your family, gather your friends online to stitch and chat
and sew some joy, hope and love into the lives of children and young people.

Cara House is supporting our sister charity by promoting their new SEW-2-SOW campaign. Below is a message from CaraCare- 


CaraCare is known for its creative and innovate group work programs for children and young people who have experienced abuse and trauma. Our groups provide opportunities for children and young people to heal and grow. The COVID pandemic is affecting the global human family. The necessary social distancing and home isolation means for many children and young people there is an added emotional and psychological distress plus the risk of increase in abuse and domestic violence that is already surfacing.

CaraCare has postponed the face to face group work programs to assist in promoting the health of the community and to curtail the spread of the virus. However, I am delighted to let you know that this does not mean we have abandoned children and young people to these added stresses. We have moved our group work programs online and we have developed a self-care and emotional health kit.

This kit is an important part of CaraCare continuing to sow hope, love, and joy into children’s and young people’s lives so they can continue to emotionally, psychologically and spiritually grow.

An important part of our CaraCare kit is a sensory item. This will be a fabric house filled with the calming smell of either some lavender or rose petals. Attached to this information sheet is a description and instructions on how to sew the sensory house.

If you are in and around the Concord area we can come and collect your completed houses without coming into your home or you can leave it on our front doorstep at Cara House; 1 Davidson Ave, Concord, NSW, 2137. If you live far and wide then we can reimburse you for postage and packaging.


1 Davidson Avenue, Concord NSW 2137, Australia

(02) 8765 0261

ABN: 70 105 057 047