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Cara House Consultant


Karen is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with a Masters of Social Work (Couple and Family Therapy).  She is accredited to facilitate and supervise Cara's Wrapped in Angels program.

Over the past 25 years, Karen has worked within the government and non-government sectors where she has held roles as a case worker, trainer and manager. Karen is committed to ethical, professional practice, which supports those who have been impacted by trauma. In combining research, experience and a compassionate approach to the stories of service users she promotes the healing, growth and discovery abundant in those who come to Cara House.

Karen has a particular interest in working with parents and their families in the family preservation and restoration space. She has provided supervision to workers in fields of trauma counselling, domestic violence, early intervention, child protection, homelessness, family support, out of home care, disability services, community development, asylum seekers/refugees, youth advocacy and research, youth mentoring, youth rehabilitation/homelessness. Services offered by Karen include counselling, foster carer/parent coaching, individual and group consultation (ie external supervision), management coaching and group work.

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