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We offer children, adults and families therapy for a range of trauma related issues, and can support clients with various diagnosis and circumstances. We can also support children and families with ongoing involvement in the child protection system who may be experiencing complex trauma, as well those persons who have experienced a single trauma incident.

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Individual trauma and recovery counselling services.
Sibling or family counselling services.
Group work programs that support family re-connection and restoration.
Parent/ Carer coaching and psychoeducation.
Specialised assessments tailored to specific needs.

For referral forms please see the 'Contact us' section 



Cara House are able to provide outreach family or group work programs that are resilience and recovery focused. These groups are founded on human rights and participatory values and are informed by trauma, attachment and recovery models. If you have a particular family or group who would benefit from these programs please contact our intake manager to discuss further. 

Wrapped in Angels-

Cara House works with children and families who have experienced child abuse, violence and trauma. Through our flagship program "Wrapped in Angels" participants tap into their own resilience to look at how they have managed to survive in the face of adversity. Group members explore that which has sustained and nourished them when facing abuse, violence and trauma.

Recommended as a program of best practice in working with children and adults who have been traumatised. 

Wrapped in Angels is a 10-week journey of resilience that explores what has sustained and nourished children,
adults and families when facing abuse, violence and
trauma. This is done by making an Angel Blanket upon which is sewn significant symbols. A colourful representation of safety, strengths, protection, connections and relationships. A blanket made by an individual or for an individual is a reminder of what holds them and keeps them strong, safe, secure, connected and loved. It is theirs, to become Wrapped in Angels.

Two Voices in Harmony-

is a group work program, aimed at reconnecting children and families who have experienced trauma, abuse, separation or fragmentation . After experiencing such  difficulties trust, relationships and secure feelings in children can be fragments. This group explores and uncovers meanings around safety in place and in relationships. Children will be brought back into the safe haven of the secure base with their parent figure and relationship repair can occur. The creation of the tree and exploration of meaning is done with each other which supports relationship repair and can open new ways to live as a family free of violence, fear and shame.

Groups are run most school terms, please email to register interest.

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