healing is a personal journey that is strengthened by tapping into resources, interest, strengths, relationships and community networks available to everyone.

Cara House

Cara House offers a safe place for children, adults and families to heal from the impacts of trauma and abuse.

The philosophy of Cara House is embodied in the research and literature of Resilience and Recovery.

It is exemplified in the understanding that healing is a personal journey that is strengthened by tapping into resources, interests, strengths, relationships and community networks available to all people.

Cara House is also a place for children and adults to learn new, respectful and non violent ways of relating to others.

At Cara House, we believe that safety is a basic human right of all children. We therefore operate from a child protection framework where children’s safety is always paramount.

Training at Cara House

Without Question, The Language of the Mindful Leader 
Workshop with Mary Jo McVeigh

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Discover how you can increase the effectiveness of your communication with practical tools 
and strategies  by attending this one day course.
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Training for Organisations 2016

Cara House offers a range of high quality training / courses which can be catered to Organisation's individual learning needs. Mary Jo McVeigh runs the courses at organisations' own venues. Training courses available include the following:

  • Wrapped in Angels: Resilience Based Connections
  • Wrapped in Angels: Group Work for Children
  • P.R.I.Z.E : Reflectful and Mindful Practices for Managers and Supervisors
  • Towards Compassion: Strengthening and Supporting the Worker
  • The Otherside of Trauma: The Psychobiology of Hope and Love
  • Awakening the Soul: The Psychobiology of Trauma
  • Trauma, Attachment & Resilience in Out of Home Care Intervention & Case Management
  • Trauma: Interventions with Adults
  • Two Trees: A Groupwork Program for Children in Out Of Home Care
  • Tell Them I’m Not Evil: Working with Children’s Sexual Behaviour Problems
  • Doing the Ordinary: Resilience Based Practice with Children and Young People
  • Protected Today Safer Tomorrow: Working with Men who use Violence In The Home

For more information please contact mjmcveigh.cara@gmail.com