Dear cherished clients, friends, and colleagues it is with a heavy heart that I am letting you know of the closure of Cara House. As some of you may know I launched my agency 22 years ago with the help of my mama who came to Australia to be with me and my boys for a year. It has been such an adventure establishing and leading this organization. I am deeply grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with you all and serve the children and families that walked over our threshold. Unfortunately, a combination of personal and professional circumstances has led me to take stock of my life and makes some changes.


As of December 18th Cara, House will be discontinuing our therapeutic services and individual counselling practices. For the time being we will honour any ongoing therapy services but will no longer be taking on any new clients or referrals.


In the coming weeks we will be working closely with our practitioners and clients to ensure a comfortable transition to provide all those in need with safe environments to continue with the healing and support they all deserve. I am deeply grateful for everyone’s patience and support during this transition time, and I will continue to provide you with updates as we move forward.


Moving forward Cara I am uncertain as to what the final version of my working life will look like. However, what I am certain is that I will transition Cara Consultancy to a greater focus on supervision, training and workshops to provide services and practitioners with the philosophies and skills that have helped to heal so many people in need. I will also focus on my research and writing. I am also hoping to continue to provide group work services to children and young people moving forward.


During the holiday season we will be undergoing a transitionary period and will be back to full operations by the beginning of February 2021 when I will relaunch my new organization. So, it is not a permanent goodbye from me. While I am sad to let go of the organization that I established with my beloved mother, especially the therapeutic work I am looking forward to continuing our work together to make a safer and more accepting world for our children and their families.



Seirbhís an Ghrá, “In Service of Love”


Mary Jo Mc Veigh

Founding CEO Cara House


1 Davidson Avenue, Concord NSW 2137, Australia

(02) 8765 0261

ABN: 70 105 057 047