One of Sydney's leading trauma services, founded upon a human rights model. We offer a safe place for children, adults and families to heal from the impacts of trauma and abuse.

Cara House provides services such as:

  • Individual trauma and recovery counselling services.

  • Sibling or family counselling services.

  •  assist with family re-connection and restoration.Group work services that support recovery from trauma and

  • Parent/ Carer coaching and psycho-education.

  • Specialised assessments tailored to specific needs.

  • Training services for organisations

  • Supervision and consultation

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We offer children, adults and families therapy for a range of trauma related issues, and can support clients with various diagnosis and circumstances. We can also support children and families with ongoing involvement in the child protection system who may be experiencing complex trauma, as well those persons who have experienced single trauma events.


Dedicated to Families

Cara House is one of Sydney's leading trauma services. Founded by Mary-Jo Mc Veigh in 1998, Cara House delivers creative and innovative services to children, young people and their families.

These services are human rights, trauma, attachment, reclamation and renewal based. Cara House practice is exemplified in the understanding that healing is a personal journey that is strengthened by tapping into resources, interests, strengths, relationships and community networks available to all people.

In 2018, Cara House celebrated it's 20th anniversary of working with children and families who have experienced child abuse, violence and trauma. A gentle and creative ways to start a healing journey is through our flagship program "Wrapped in Angels". Wrapped supports participants tap into their own resilience to look at how they have managed to survive in the face of adversity. Wrapped is a gentle group work program that looks at what is it that has sustained and nourished them when facing abuse, violence and trauma. Please email intake@carahouse.com.au to register interest.



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ABN: 70 105 057 047